ExperTeach UC-Trainer

Learning Software for Cisco UC End Devices

UC-Trainer info (pdf)

UC projects are known to be a challenge for IT departments during the first phase of their introduction. Later on, in the scope of their implementation, all employees of the company have to face many changes. They are suddenly confronted with new unfamiliar end devices at their workstations and need to understand and accept them!

User Training for UC Projects
Therefore, we offer the multimedia learning software UC-Trainer for the Cisco UC end devices. It guides the users interactively through the menus and operating structure of their new telephones. This is an effortless way of getting acquainted with the new system.

It is possible to adapt the software to your CI/CD regulations. Hosting by ExperTeach and provision in your Intranet are available options. The UC trainer supports many telephone models as well as specific applications like the Personal Communicator or MeetingPlaceExpress.

Various Languages
The ExperTeach UC-Trainer is available in the following languages: German, Danish, English, Flemish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Spanish.

Are you planning to introduce a Cisco UC solution?