Technical Documentation and Translation

Technical documentation makes a vital contribution to the success of a product.

With our all-in service, you can save time and money, since you do not need to coordinate several service providers! Simply call us, and we will be glad to consult you!


We create long-term, innovative solutions under consideration of the following parameters:

  • the requirements made on your technical documentation
  • the CI / CD of your company
  • the suitable formats and media

We create your documentation under consideration of your CI/CD:

  • Development of the layout for technical texts
  • Design of manuals and HTML solutions
  • Web-based training
  • E-learning
  • Creation of graphics and templates

We publish your contents for various end devices:

  • Tablet
  • Smartphone
  • Desktop computer

We create training documentation for your contents:

  • Training concepts
  • Training documentation
  • Web-based training
  • E-learning
  • E-books for various platforms

As a training provider we place special emphasis on well-designed, high-quality documentation. You can also benefit from this experience where your projects are concerned.

Technical Documentation

The translation of complex documentation frequently requires time-intensive coordination effort. We coordinate all activities and processes for you. Particularly if the translation is to be made into several target languages, we will ensure that a consistent terminology will be used and a homogeneous design be adhered to.


We translate

  • Manuals/product documentation
  • Invitations to tender
  • Training documentation
  • Websites
  • Documents to be certified

Our strengths are

  • Competence as native speakers in the target languages
  • Technical expert knowledge
  • Efficient translation tools
  • Consistent technical terminology
  • Certified processes according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Standard
  • Add-on services and integrated processes

In the following, you can find a listing of in part anonymized descriptions of documentation projects which we have carried out recently. We will be glad to provide further information and recommendations for your individual projects in a personal interview.

E-Learning (Web-based Training)
Aim An e-learning module (Web-based training) has to be created for the employees of the company, which explains the newly introduced, centrally administrated, standardized workplace to them.
Customer Brewery
Volume 25 man-days
  • Analysis of the PowerPoint training materials of the customer
  • Integration of customer requirements regarding the e-learning
  • Creation of a Web-based training for the employees
Result The customer can introduce his employees to the new working portal by means of an appealing Web-based training


Documentation and Translation Management
Aim Documentation and translation of the software user interfaces of a GPS and mobile communications-based fleet management system, as well as corresponding manuals and online help
Customer Daimler FleetBoard GmbH
Volume The cooperation exists since the year 2000. Updates are made in regular intervals.
  • Documentation concept
  • Layout development for manuals and online help
  • Translation into 10 further languages
  • Translation of a user interface into 25 languages with the help of a terminology database
  • Release management according to the cycle of company-internal updates of the customer
Result The customer receives a comprehensive all-in package, consisting of documentation, translation, as well as release, documentation and translation management. This allows him to entirely focus on the further development of the software.


Online Help and Translation
Aim Translation of the software user interface of an employee database, as well as the corresponding online help
Customer Car manufacturer
Volume The cooperation exists since the year 2000. Updates are implemented in regular intervals.
  • Layout development for online help
  • Translation into 6 further languages
  • Translation of a user interface into 12 languages with the help of a terminology database
Result The customer receives the translation of the interface texts into 12 languages, as well as online help in 6 languages, enabling him to support many of his employees in their mother languages.


Customer-specific Training, Including Documentation
Aim Creation of training documentation for a specific system, as well as performance of the training
Customer Developer of communication and monitoring systems
Volume 20 man-days (creation of documentation), training is performed according to demand
  • Development of the layout of the training documentation in the CI of the customer
  • Preparation of the training contents on the basis of the product documentation
  • Performance of the training of the employees by one of our trainers
Result The customer receives top-quality training documentation. Training is performed by one of our trainers who has made himself intensively acquainted with the system.