In-house IT training courses

Customized courses for your project

What do we mean by in-house training courses?

In-house training refers to events which are specially designed and performed for a specific group of a company's employees. In the simplest case, a standard training course is adopted unchanged in terms of content and conducted by a trainer exclusively for the team. In many cases, we go much furtherand precisely adapt the contents to the requirements of the target group. We configure such an in-house seminar individually for you from our content pool. In this way, you receive exactly the seminars you need.


What are the options for implementation?

The term in-house training initially suggests that a course is held on the premises of a company. As a rule, the lecturer comes to you. If you have larger groups of students, this means far less effort than sending numerous participants to attend a publicly offered course in a training center.

This classic variant, however, is just one of many options. An in-house training course can also be held in one of our training centers or in another location, e.g. in a hotel in Berlin, in an academy in Hamburg or in a country inn in Bavaria. This option is suitable, for example, if your employees work in different locations and have to travel anyway. Many customers also appreciate the opportunity to distance themselves a little more from everyday business and daily work in this way, enabling them to fully focus on the in-house seminar.

Of course, in-house training can also be conducted virtually. Especially in today's world, where face-to-face appointments, meetings of larger groups and travel are limited, online delivery is a good choice.


What are the advantages of in-house training?

In-house training offers invaluable advantages to companies and their teams:

  • Content can be tailored to the exact needs of your company, your project, and the already existing know-how of the team members.
  • Travel expenses and efforts can be reduced considerably.
  • Above a certain number of participants, the costs per person decrease significantly compared to participation in openly offered courses.
  • You can optimally adapt the time and place of a training course to your needs.
  • The duration of a training course can be optimized. For example, if you already have good prior knowledge of a topic.
  • It is also possible to integrate company-specific contents, such as the presentation of internal processes.
  • Information exchange between the students is no problem, even in the case of sensitive issues, which should not be shared with persons from other companies.
  • There is plenty of room for individual questions regarding your company.
  • A mix of different methods (presence, online, self-learning material) can further increase the efficiency of the training measure.


Which topics do we offer?

We offer in-house training on all topics related to the IT sector. Here are some examples

  • Technological basics—independent of specific providers.
  • Practice-oriented seminars for IT specialists
  • Vendor-related training, e.g. for AWS, Cisco, Microsoft, VMware and many others.
  • Course programs leading to certifications and preparing for exams.
  • Methodology-oriented training, e.g. service management, project management, security concepts.
  • Regular retraining courses over several months, e.g. for Java and Web Developer.


What is the best way to proceed?

For in-house training, good consulting is the key. There are many ways to create a suitable training concept, so we advise an intensive exchange in advance of a project.

You can contact us directly, e.g. with the following inquiry form. . It allows you to compile the most important information in a first step, so that our education consultants can already prepare well for the first coordination meeting with you.


After a detailed phase of coordination, we will create your customized offer for your desired event. We look back on a long-time experience as in-house training provider  and adhere to your specifications - this is exactly our special strength.

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