Wireless LAN Consulting

Optimization of WLAN Infrastructures

While WLAN became a plug-and-play standard on the private sector a long time ago, the business world makes very different demands. Services like voice over WLAN and location tracking require careful planning and configuration in a WLAN environment.

We support you in the design of your WLAN infrastructure under consideration of failure safety, scalability, voice readiness, and future safety.

Our core competences on the WLAN sector include:
• Network design
• Performance of check-ups for Voice over WLAN and location tracking
• Design and selection of WLAN solutions
• Configuration of WLAN systems (guest access, VoWLAN, location tracking)
• Creation of security concepts and processes for WLAN

You can benefit from our long-term experience in the following topical fields:
• Security in the WLAN
• Voice over WLAN
• Cisco Unified Wireless Network
• Survey of the WLAN Infrastructure

Wireless LAN Consulting