Managed Training Services

Outsourcing HR Processes

Process Automation
We support you in the automation of your processes relating to the topic of advanced training. When doing that, we can rely on a toolbox of already existing tools, which allows us to implement a customized system for your company with an acceptable effort. In cooperation with you, our consultants will work out an individual solution which serves to map the complete process or a partial process, if required.


Booking Portals
We configure a booking portal for your company which covers the topic fields required by you. The contents are updated by us. This will enable your employees always to access state-of-the-art advanced training topics. In this context, it is possible to present customer-specific price conditions, just like workflows for ordering and approving seminars or displaying guaranteed dates and free seminar seats in real time. Especially for resellers of our courses, we create an appropriate microsite.

By doing so, we offer your employees a platform for seminar booking across the company or corporation and, thus, unify your acquisition processes. As a result, you no longer have to communicate with multiple individual suppliers, as all necessary steps, from price negotiations to the completion of a seminar order, will be taken over by us and can be automated to a high degree.

Here, the seminar contents are not limited to the ICT sector. With our Managed Training Services we will support you in all required topical fields and ensure the digitization of your acquisition processes on the advanced training sector.


Managed Training Services