Who we are and where we come from

The ExperTeach History

As one of the most successful providers of IT & TC training and consulting, we are your partner for all topics related to IT and digital transformation.

Even though we don't feel that old yet, we actually held courses when topics like cloud, virtualization and 5G were not even a thought. In our early days, our focus was on accompanying system solutions for wide area networks with suitable training courses and thus providing customers with the knowledge they needed individually. When our trainers still held courses on Frame Relay and ATM, they used a road atlas to get to the course, shared a push-button cell phone, and the fax was a modern means of communication.

Our focus

A lot has changed since then, but our focus is still the same: we impart knowledge on current IT and network topics and create individual training solutions according to our customers' needs. A major factor in our success here are our approximately 50 permanently employed trainers. With them, we have expertise in a wide range of specialist areas in-house and can also deal competently with complex issues.

ExperTeach locations

But it's not just the number of trainers that has grown. A large team of experts takes care of making your course visit an enjoyable experience - no matter where.

From the start with three seminar rooms in one office building, we have grown into a company with professionally equipped training centers in several cities. We also offer training at the premises of our training partners and, last but not least, at your location - the choice is yours!

Course formats

Thanks to our IT specialists, we were also able to convert our full range of courses to online operation very quickly in the wake of the Corona pandemic. In the meantime, many participants appreciate the possibility of attending training courses without having to travel long distances. Also increasingly popular are our hybrid courses with the option of joining face-to-face events online with video and audio. They receive even better ratings than classroom-only training. Who could have imagined this in our early days, when Internet connections were made via modems?

ExperTeach documents

The change in the training environment has other implications as well: Our popular German-language course materials are less and less in demand as thick paper binders; instead, the trend is toward PDFs and e-books. Although we still offer printed materials, many partners and manufacturers have now switched completely to digital solutions.


Topics and partners

Speaking of manufacturers, the selection of topics for our training courses has also changed. In the beginning, it consisted exclusively of training courses we created ourselves on various technologies and products, but now we also offer many courses from around 40 manufacturers with internationally recognized certifications, and we work with numerous partners. This gives us a broad portfolio from which we can put together individual training plans for our customers with exactly the content they need.


Nothing is as constant as change - this is also true for us. In order to accompany you in your projects with the necessary knowledge, we always keep our finger on the pulse with current topics. In our usual reliable quality we support you to the extent you need: Whether it's a single course participation or a complex continuing education project - we look forward to meeting you!