Mission Statement of ExperTeach

We consider ourselves to be a leading service provider on the ITC sector. Our primary fields of activity are Consulting and Training, Technical Documentation and Technical Translations, as well as the Leasing of our Training Facilities.

Our customer base consists of corporations active worldwide, large-scale national companies, as well as medium- and small-scale companies of all industries, the commerce, as well as public authorities and institutions.

In all of our fields of activities, we aspire to assume the quality leadership. For this reason, the satisfaction of our customers is continuously in the focus of our activities.

This starts with developing those solutions together with our customers which have the greatest possible benefit to offer to them. Our particular strength is to work out individual offers, which often include a combination of the various service sectors.

The broad experience and know-how as well as the long-term market presence of our team enable us to fulfill a large part of the requirements made with our own resources. It is very important for us to establish long-term bonds of our employees to our company. For this reason, we create an ambience where everyone is at ease and provide the required scope for personal development.

Some parts of our business activities can only be implemented optimally in cooperation with a high-performance network of partner companies. For this purpose, we select those partners who share the same business philosophy with us. We strive to establish strategic and long-lasting cooperations.

We interpret the permanent transformation of the companies and structures in the ITC environment as a chance of continuous further development of the company ExperTeach and of all its employees, as well as for the development of new service portfolios.

The long-term, personal contacts with our customers, employees, and partners are of particular significance to us. They provide the necessary stability and continuity to persist as a company in a continuously changing environment in the long run.

Reliability, fairness, and trust are values which are of essential importance to us in both internal and external relations.