Online Course

Online Seminars per Webex Training Center

Technical Recommendations

For the optimum success of your online seminar attendance, please note the following technical recommendations.


Webex Training Center
Webex Training Center is an integrated tool for all communication requirements of online seminars. Please note the system requirements and test Webex.


Audio Connection
The Webex Training Center allows you to dial in via phone as well as to use a VoIP connection.

The variant via phone dial-in entails the advantage of a defined and homogeneous voice quality. You dial a leased line phone number in the German leased line network (no special call number) and the conference is activated. For this call, the costs arising for a standard call in the leased line network will be charged. No separate costs will be charged for telephony contracts with a flat rate for the leased line network. If possible, connect a headset to your telephone set.

When using the VoIP variant, the voice quality depends on numerous parameters, such as the performance of your Internet connection. If you wish to use this variant, we recommend to test the quality in the individual case. If possible, use a high-quality USB headset.

We urgently recommend not to use any hands-free telephone equipment, as it can cause unpleasant ambient noise levels in audio-conferences.

Ideally, you attend the online seminar in a quiet room. If you wish to attend the online seminar together with other participants in a room, please contact us in good time prior to the start of the course so that we can define an appropriate technical solution together with you.


If your PC workplace is equipped with a video camera, you are welcome to activate the camera, which will enable the trainer and the other online seminar participants to see your video image.

If you are using VoIP simultaneously, the video transmission may negatively affect the voice quality. In this case, we recommend to deactivate the camera. You can receive the video image of the trainer and those of the other participants in spite of that.


Login Data and Test
We will send you the login data for the Webex session via e-mail approximately three working days prior to the start of the online seminar. Additionally, one of our employees will contact you and support you in case of any questions.

Please perform the Webex Test before attending the online training..


If you have any questions on the technical issues regarding our online seminars, do not hesitate to contact us any time: or call: +49 6074 4868-966.


Data Protection
Herewith, we would like to inform you that the Webex Training Center used by us is a cloud-based solution of the company Cisco. The data entered during the dial-in (name, e-mail address) as well as the information exchanged during the training session will be transferred over the electronic data processing systems of Cisco and will partly be stored in them.