Online Course

Cloudera Online Courses

Technical Recommendations

Cloudera online courses are performed via WebEx. Please observe the hints given on WebEx Training Center.

We deploy a virtual training environment of the company Skytap. Please observe the following hints and perform the recommended checks in good time prior to the course event:


Please test your acces to the training environment. Please perform the check precisely at the location where you will also be when the training will be performed. The result should be displayed in green or yellow color, which means a latency of less than 150 ms.


If problems occur, please use the Connectivity Checker Assistant. This tool will enable you to perform troubleshooting measures, where required.


Please follow the suggestions of the Assistant. If the problems cannot be solved with this measure, you can alternatively choose another access method and use the HTML5 Connectivity Checker .

Please also note the general requirements of Skytap relating to the diverse access methods.