VMware eKits

For VMware courses, you will usually receive the course documentation as an eKit.

VMware eKits are provided via the eVantage (VitalSource Bookshelf) platform. These e-books can be used in online mode via browser or offline with an appropriate reader. These options are available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. Comments and markings inserted by you will be automatically synchronized between all end devices.

Please bring your laptop or tablet to be able to access the e-book! This will allow you to conveniently access the course documentation during and after the course.


Please note the following steps to be performed:

1. Account and On-line Access
As a matter of principle, you need an account at VitalSource Bookshelf. You should create this account prior to attending the course. The account enables you to use your e-book on-line. The account is also required for the off-line variant of the e-books.

Create Vital Source account.


2. Install Program or App
You should install the appropriate VitalSource Reader as a program or app on your end device prior to the course if you wish to use the course contents independent of the network connection.

You can find the corresponding apps for OS, Android, or Kindle Fire in the respective App Store.

You can find the Reader programs for Mac and PC on the Vital Source Support Page. Please note that you need administrator authorization on your PC in order to install these programs.

VitalSource Reader programs (with installation)


3. Alternative: Bookshelf Reader as a Portable Version
Do you wish to use the e-books off-line, but you do not have the administrator authorization on your PC? In this case, you can use the portable version of the Reader.

  • After the download of the ZIP file, it has to be unpacked on your computer. Subsequently, please start the Bookshelf.exe file contained in this directory.
  • For the usage of the VitalSource Bookshelf on Windows 7/8/8.1 you require the .NET Framework 4.5 or a higher version. .NET Framework has already been integrated under Windows 10.
  • An update of the VitalSource Bookshelf portable version is currently not possible without administrator authorization. If the system requires an update, we will send you the current program version on request.

VitalSource portable version (without  installation)


4. Redeem Code
You will receive the redeem code required for the activation of your VMware eKit at the beginning of the course from your trainer. In the VitalSource Bookshelf, go to Redeem and enter the code there.


At One Glance

E-Book Platform eVantage / VitalSource Bookshelf

Create Vital Source Account

VitalSource Reader programs (with installation)

VitalSource Portable version (without installation)

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