ExperTeach E-Books

ExperTeach e-books are provided via the VitalSource Bookshelf platform. These e-books can be used in online mode via browser or offline with an appropriate reader. These options are available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. Comments and markings inserted by you will be automatically synchronized between all end devices.

Please note the following steps to be performed:


1. Open the e-book in myExperTeach
Please log on to your myExperTeach Portal. If you do not have an access yet, please request a password for the first log-on.

You can now directly access your e-book. To use it off-line, you need to complete your Bookshelf Account once. Please follow the hint posted next to your e-book.


2. Install Program or App
You should install the appropriate VitalSource Reader as a program or app on your end device prior to the course if you wish to use the course contents independent of the network connection. We recommend to bring your laptop or tablet to the course.

You can find the corresponding apps for OS, Android, or Kindle Fire in the respective App Store.

You can find the Reader programs for Mac and PC on the Vital Source Support page. Please note that you need administrator authorization on your PC in order to install these programs.

VitalSource Reader programs (with installation)



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VitalSource Reader programs (with installation)

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