Reference Projects


In the following, you can find a listing of in part anonymized short descriptions of consulting projects which we have carried out recently. We will be glad to provide further information and recommendations for your individual projects in a personal interview.

Cisco ACI Migration—Planning and Implementation
Aim Planning and implementation of a Cisco ACI platform for a regional service provider under compliance with the corporate processes and security stipulations
Customer Regional service provider public services of Neumünster
Volume approximately 10 man-days
  • Analysis of the existing operational network
  • Recording of customer requirements
  • Joint decision-taking together with the customer in terms of questions of design
  • Working out a migration strategy
  • Performance of the migration
  • Validation of the function and security of the new ACI infrastructure
Result A functioning Cisco ACI infrastructure was commissioned without interferences.


Pre-study IPv6 Migration
Aim Effort assessment and pre-planning for subsequent IPv6 migration of the complete IT infrastructure
Customer IT service provider from the finance sector
Volume approximately 40 man-days
  • Recording of all relevant components
  • Evaluation of the IPv6-capability of the components
  • Identification of problem zones
  • Setup of a test environment/laboratory
  • Working out a migration strategy
  • Evaluation of the effort and costs for migration steps
Result A feasible plan for the subsequent introduction of IPv6 exists


Implementation of SAN Management
Aim Introduction and operation of a SAN management tool (Cisco DCNM-SAN) under compliance with the corporate processes and security stipulations
Customer Bank
Volume approximately 60 man-days
  • Check of the switch configurations (Cisco MDS)
  • Creation of scripts for the commissioning of new switches
  • Installation & upgrade of the DCNM-SAN in a test environment
  • Documentation of the installation, customizing, and operation of the tool
  • Support in questions of DCNM-SAN & coaching of the employees
Result The SAN management tool is in productive operation.


Network Optimization SDH & IP
Aim Qualified evaluation of the existing network concept and determination of optimization potential
Customer Power supplier
Volume 8 man-days
  • Analysis of the existing operational network (IP/SDH)
  • Working out optimization approaches
  • Recommendations for better dimensioned network components
  • Creation of a concept for client-capability of the IP network
Result Cost savings via the application of the recommended network components, migration plan for the further network development


Vendor Selection for MPLS-TP
Aim Determine the vendor of the new MPLS-TP equipment due to the discontinuation announcement of the existing SDH product
Customer Infrastructure operator
Volume 5 man-days
  • Analysis of the existing operational network (SDH WAN)
  • Recording of customer requirements
  • Analysis of the product and solution alternatives for MPLS-TP
  • Working out the optimally suited alternative
Result The customer has opted for the recommended solution.


UC Coupling Cisco & Microsoft
Aim Interconnect existing environments for telephony (Cisco) and instant messaging/conferencing (Microsoft) with largest possible scope of functions.
Customer  IT service provider
Volume approximately 10 man-days
  • Presentation of the three different concepts Dual Forking, Remote Call Control (RCC), and CUCiLync
  • Evaluation of the functions of all variants
  • Practical tests for all variants
  • Implementation of the selected variant (dual forking)
Result The dual forking concept for the coupling of the two systems was introduced as a productive entity.


PKI Design & Implementation
Aim Design and configuration of a two-level PKI infrastructure, for VPN access and code signature.
Customer Public institution
Volume approximately 8 man-days
  • Consulting with regard to the PKI structure
  • Joint decision-taking together with the customer regarding questions of design
  • Planning of the PKI
  • Configuration of the certification authorities
Result A functioning Cisco ACI infrastructure was commissioned.