Aruba Mobility BootCamp (MBC)

This class combines the IAW and SWDI classes into a single 5-day class. Students registering for this class should be prepared for an accelerated format of the IAW and SWDI classes. A prerequisite understanding of wireless fundamentals is mandatory, as well as VLAN fundamentals, data flow and control in a network, and basic routing principles. The lab-intensive course is designed to provide students the knowledge, skills and practical experience required to set up and configure the Aruba WLAN in a variety of network scenarios.


• Aruba Architecture and Features
• Mobility Controller initial setup and licensing using ArubaOS wizards
• Centralized Licensing
• RFProtect
• Rogue classification and containment
• Implementing Roles and Firewall Policies
• Advanced Firewall Functions
• Using WLAN policies to create a Secure Employee WLAN with 802.1X
• Using WLAN policies to create a Secure Guest WLAN with Captive Portal authentication
• Aruba WLAN Configuration
• Adaptive Radio Management (ARM)
• Using the integrated Spectrum Analyzer to monitor RF environment
• Provisioning Aruba thin APs using wizards and the GUI
• Remote Access Point (RAP) using AP125 and RAPs zero touch
• RAP Uplink Bandwidth Reservation
• Secured Wired Access
• Master/local benefits
• Mobility / Roaming
• Master redundancy
• Local redundancy
• CPSec
• AP redundancy
• Mesh solutions

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Students are expected to come to the class with knowledge of Aruba's products. A knowledge of VLANs, switching and routing helps frame the specifics of Aruba's network architecture. Students taking this class may complete the following self-paced online courses available to view at no charge on the Aruba Web Site:
• Wired Fundamentals gives a brief overview of the wired networking principles used in Aruba products.
• Wireless Fundamentals outlines wireless networking concepts and technology video
• Experience in designing networks is strongly recommended video