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VMware NSX: Install, Configure, Manage V6.1

This comprehensive, fast-paced training course focuses on installing, configuring, and managing VMware NSX™. This course covers NSX as a part of the software-defined data center platform, implementation use cases along with features of NSX, and functionality operating at Layer 2 through Layer 7 of the OSI model. Lecture and hands-on lab activities support the student’s understanding of NSX features, functionality, and on-going management and control.

Course Contents

• Module 1: Course Introduction
• Module 2: Software-Defined Data Center
• Module 3: Networking Fundamentals
• Module 4: Management and Control Planes
• Module 5: Logical Switch Networks
• Module 6: Distributed Logical Router
• Module 7: NSX Edge Routing and High Availability
• Module 8: Virtual Private Networks
• Module 9: Layer 2 Bridging
• Module 10: NSX Security
• Module 11: Operations
• Module 12: Automation

 Each participant will receive the original course documentation from VMware as an e-book.

 Detailed table of contents

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Target Group

Experienced system administrators that specialize in networking.

Knowledge Prerequisites

• System administration experience on Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems.
• Understanding of concepts presented in the VMware Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals course for VCA-DCV certification.