Juniper Networks

Associate Level
IJOS – Introduction to the Junos Operating System
JIR – Junos Intermediate Routing
JEX – Junos Enterprise Switching
AJEX – Advanced Junos Enterprise Switching
AJER – Advanced Junos Enterprise Routing
JSEC – Junos Security
AJSEC – Advanced Junos Security
JESS – Junos Edge Security Services
Service Provider
JIR – Junos Intermediate Routing
JSPX – Junos Service Provider Switching
JMF – Junos MPLS Fundamentals
JL2V – Junos Layer 2 VPNs
JL3V – Junos Layer 3 VPNs
AJSPR – Advanced Junos Service Provider Routing
JCOS – Junos Class of Service
JMR – Junos Multicast Routing
Cloud, Automation, Data Center
NACC – Network Automation using Contrail Cloud
JCF – Juniper Cloud Fundamentals
NASPC – Network Automation in the Service Provider Cloud
NA-DC – Network Automation in the Data Center
NA-WAN – Network Automation in the WAN
JAUT – Junos Platform Automation and DevOps
IJAUT – Introduction to Junos Automation and DevOps
ADCX – Advanced Data Center Switching
AJAUT – Advanced Junos Platform Automation and DevOps
JNDF – Juniper Networks Design Fundamentals
JND-SP – Juniper Networks Design – Service Provider
JND-SEC – Juniper Networks Design – Security
JND-DC – Juniper Network Design – Data Center
Junos Space
JSE – Junos Space Essentials
JS-ND – Junos Space - Network Director
JTNOC – JUNOS Troubleshooting in the NOC
JS-SD – Junos Space – Security Director