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VMAX3 Configuration Management

The course provides participants with an in-depth understanding of configuration tasks on the VMAX3 Family of arrays. Key features and functions of the VMAX3 arrays are covered in detail. Topics include storage provisioning concepts, virtual provisioning, automated tiering (FAST), device creation and port management, service level objective based storage allocation to hosts, and eNAS.

Course Contents

• VMAX3 Configuration Management Overview
- VMAX3 Overview
- VMAX3 Storage Provisioning Overview
- Explore VMAX3 Environment with Unisphere for VMAX and SYMCLI

• VMAX3 - Virtual Provisioning and FAST Concepts
- Virtual Provisioning and FAST Overview
- FAST Algorithms and Parameters

• Device Creation and Port Management
- Device Creation
- Port Management
- Port Management with Unisphere and SYMCLI

• Storage Allocation using Autoprovisioning Groups
- Autoprovisioning Groups Overview
- Host Considerations - Storage Allocation
- Service Level Objective based provisioning with Unisphere
- Service Level Objective based provisioning with Unisphere
- Service Level Objective based provisioning with SYMCLI
- Service Level Objective based provisioning with SYMCLI
- Cascaded Storage Groups - Moving devices non-disruptively and changing SLO
- Managing Host I/O Limits

• Monitoring and Workload Planning with Unisphere for VMAX
- Monitor SRP
- Monitor SLO Compliance
- Workload Planning
- Monitoring SRP and SLO Compliance with Unisphere
- Workload Planning with Unisphere

• eNAS Overview

• Module - eNAS Management
- Unisphere for VMAX File Dashboard
- Managing File Systems/Shares
- Allocate to eNAS with Unisphere for VMAX File Dashboard
- Create FS/Exports on VMAX3 Storage with Unisphere for VNX

• Management in a Virtualized Environment
- Virtual Server Management - Unisphere for VMAX
- EMC VSI for VMware vSphere Web Client

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Target Group

This course is intended for EMC personnel, customers and partners who will be managing VMAX3 arrays.

Knowledge Prerequisites

VMAX3 Fundamentals
VMware vSphere