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TS 300

SAN Troubleshooting

Further dates are possible on request in Vienna and Zurich, tailor-made courses worldwide.

This 3-day instructor-led course provides students with the technical and process information needed to perform troubleshooting and data gathering tasks in SAN switched and routed networks, based on 16 Gbps Brocade products and Fabric OS v7.1.0.

Course Contents

• Troubleshoot common issues in SAN switched and routed networks.
• Use Brocade Network Advisor to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot SAN switched and routed networks.
• Demonstrate how to diagram a fabric using collected support data.
• Gather troubleshooting data for Brocade Fibre Channel switches and HBAs/Fabric Adapters.
• Identify what causes performance problems in Fibre Channel fabrics.
• Troubleshoot common fabric problems.

 You will receive the original course documentation by Brocade in English language as an e-book.

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Target Group

• Support personnel responsible for troubleshooting issues that may arise in an SAN.
• Individuals looking for an understanding of troubleshooting processes and initial data collection.
• Advanced end-users looking to enhance network troubleshooting skills.

Knowledge Prerequisites

• BASA 200 - Brocade Associate SAN Administrator and Brocade SAN BootCamp - BASA & BPSA