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Special Offers

Numerous additional services rounding off the training portfolio will create notable added value for you.

Guaranteed Course Dates

Based on our comprehensive offer of Guaranteed Course Dates, you can make secure planning over longer periods of time. This is a major benefit, particularly so for certification measures.

Tailor-Made Courses

We support your team with training measures which precisely fit the individual requirements and characteristics of any given project you wish to carry out.


BootCamps impart the contents of several courses in a compressed form. They allow committed students to reach their advanced training goals in a very short time!

ExperTeach Card

You plan to attend several courses? Do you wish to book the course for yourself or for a whole team? Save money with the ExperTeach Card.

Multilingual Training

For international projects, we develop and deliver training sessions in your language.

The Complete Package

You wish to acquire a certification? We offer you Qualification Packages at favorable prices. They include the required courses and examinations along with the complete organizational procedures.