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Cyber Security

Dangers and Counter-Measures


In modern society, digital networking is increasingly gaining significance on the most diverse sectors of life. Cyber criminals make liberal use of this fact in order to carry out their in part highly complex attacks. In this environment, conventional protection measures quickly reach their limits. Modern cyber security methods, however, offer efficient protection, while also providing the digital world with options of development. This seminar enables its students to evaluate cyber risks and plan protection measures along with their implementation.



Course Contents



• Internet of Things

• Unified Communication

• Industry 4.0

• Cloud Security

• Cyber Risks

• Espionage, Sabotage, Misuse

• Mass vs. Spear Attacks

• Advanced Persistent Threats

• Security Awareness

• Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)

• Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

• Computer Security Incident Response Team

• Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessments

• Penetration Tests

• Next Generation Firewalls

• Intrusion Detection and Prevention

• Identity-Based Access

• Bring Your Own Device

• Profiling

• Posture Assessment




 Each participant will receive the comprehensive course documentation of the ExperTeach Networking series in German language. Optionally, we provide the printed version or an ExperTeach e-book.

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Target Group


This course addresses the employees of a company who are responsible for protection against the hazards of the modern digital world in the field of security.



Knowledge Prerequisites


Ideally, participants already have a basic know-how in the fields of networking technology and data communications, particularly on the sectors LAN and TCP/IP. The Modern and IP Networking Concepts—Essential Know-how for the Sales and Marketing Force! course is a good preparation for attendance.