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Security for VoIP

Encryption, Authentication, and Firewalls

The hackers do not lack any fantasy—they develop and utilize new types of attacks on IP end devices and applications every day. In this context, VoIP opens completely new options for attackers. Comprehensive know-how is required by those aiming to adequately protect their own VoIP installation.

Course Contents

• Security Problems in the LAN: Sniffing and Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
• ARP Cache Poisoning
• Switching Table Corruption and Flooding
• VLAN Hopping
• Port Security and Authentication According to IEEE 802.1X
• Denial of Service (DOS)
• VoIP and WLAN
• Key Management with MIKEY
• VoIP and IPSec
• Attacks on Signaling
• Firewalls and VoIP
• Dynamic Ports and State Tables
• NAT Problems: STUN and TURN
• Application Level Gateways and Session Border Controller

In this course of the ExperTeach Networking series, each student will receive the comprehensive ExperTeach course documentation.

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Target Group

This course addresses designers and technicians responsible for the design and implementation of VoIP installations.

Knowledge Prerequisites

Profound know-how of the IP protocol family and common LAN technologies is required. Sound basic knowledge about VoIP is another prerequisite.

Course Objective

The course systematically analyzes points of attack of VoIP and discusses various protection measures. The students learn how to provide adequate VoIP security in their own future projects.