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In the past years, the networking world has been strongly influenced by a trend away from classic technologies towards IP. This is mirrored in all telecommunications sectors. In this context, the course at hand offers you a comprehensive overview of current networking concepts—from transmission technology to the Next Generation Network. This is done both from the viewpoint of network operators and of their customers. The course imparts a conceptual understanding of the different networking technologies and their fields of application. As a result, the participants will learn to use the corresponding terminology competently.

Course Contents

• Transmission and Switching, Multiplexing Methods, LAN and WAN
• Last Mile, Aggregation Area, and Backbone
• The Layer Model
• IP Addressing and Routing
• The Structure of the Internet—ISPs, Peerings, and Providings
• IP Applications (Client/Server and Peer to Peer)
• Security: Firewalls, VPNs, Intrusion Detection & Prevention
• Transmission Technology: SDH and WDM; Packet over SONET (POS)
• Connection-Oriented Technologies: MPLS and ATM
• DSL Connections and Variants (ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, VDSL, and VDSL2)
• Cable Networks and DOCSIS
• Metropolitan Technologies (Ethernet Services, RPR, Dark Fiber)
• Wireless Access Technologies (Satellite, WiMAX)
• LANs: Ethernet Switching and VLANs, Network Design, Power over Ethernet
• Wireless LAN: Bit Rates, Ranges, Security
• Storage Networks: Network Attached Storage and Storage Area Networks
• Voice Switching: Media Streams and Signaling
• Traditional Telephony: ISDN, GSM, and UMTS
• Convergent Networks: VoIP and Next Generation Networks (NGN)

In this course of the ExperTeach Networking series, each student will receive the comprehensive ExperTeach course documentation.

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Target Group

The course addresses all persons in general who wish to become acquainted with the networking world from a technical point of view.

Knowledge Prerequisites

A keen interest in the concepts and technologies of modern communications networks is the main prerequisite for the course at hand.