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The IT department is a crucial component in the success or failure of a company. As a decision-taker, you must find out very quickly where the way in the IT world leads to and make the right choices. One example of that is the new hype named Cloud Computing. If you choose the wrong technology or introduce it too soon, you may lose valuable investment assets. If you wait too long, you will lose ground to your competitors. For this reason, the workshop at hand presents and analyzes the current trends and discusses their potentials for today and the future.


Course Contents

At the start of the workshop, the lecturer will contact the students in order to determine the focal points regarding the course contents. The following aspects are of interest:

• Unified Communication and Collaboration

• Web 2.0

• IPv6

• Mobility

• Next Generation Networks

• Data Center

• Virtualization

• Consolidation

• Cloud Computing

• Business Continuity

• FCoE and IP Storage


Adapted to the contents agreed, the documentation will be supplied in the form of a hand-out.

 Each participant will receive the comprehensive course documentation of the ExperTeach Networking series in German language. Optionally, we provide the printed version or an ExperTeach e-book.

 Detailed table of contents

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Target Group

Anyone who must know the current market trends and their potentials due to his work role will acquire the necessary know-how in this course.

Knowledge Prerequisites

Participants only require a basic networking and IT know-how, as it can be acquired in the Networking Technologies course.


The IT Infrastructure Design—Dimensioning and Network Concepts course provides a more technical viewpoint on IT than the seminar at hand.