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Network Management with SNMP

Concepts, Processes, Functions

An efficient administration of LANs, routers, and other network components is not possible without powerful management tools. With the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), a de-facto standard has been able to establish itself for management communication in heterogeneous networks. The SNMP-capability of the corresponding network products is no longer being explicitly asked for by the user today. Rather, it is taken to be a standard feature. The aim of the course is to impart a well-based and directly applicable know-how on network management with SNMP. The knowledge acquired is necessary for the evaluation and selection of specific network management systems.

Course Contents

• Tasks of Network Management Systems
• SNMP Manager and Agent
• Management Information Base (MIB)
• ASN.1 and Basic Encoding Rules (BER)
• SNMP and Traps
• Remote Monitoring and SMON
• SNMPv2c
• SNMPv3
• User-Based Security Module (USM)
• SNMP in the IPv6 Environment
• NMS Vendors (Overview)

The contents will be intensified by means of hands-on exercises at a test network.

 Each participant will receive the comprehensive course documentation of the ExperTeach Networking series in German language. Optionally, we provide the printed version or an ExperTeach e-book.

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Target Group

The course addresses network designers and operators, as well as administrators who wish to acquire a detailed know-how of the protocol and its application options in addition to an overview of SNMP-based network management.

Knowledge Prerequisites

Knowledge of the internetworking sector and of the concepts of the IP world is a prerequisite for successful attendance of the course.