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Wireless LAN II

Advanced Features

The more Wireless LAN turns out to be a pivotal component of corporate communications, the more features are required which exceed the mere providing of connectivity. Reliable authentication and authorization are as much in demand as scalable management. Voice over WLAN is a crucial factor for the integration of mobile phones into unified communications solutions, which makes considerable demands on the Quality of Service (QoS) and on roaming capabilities. The course at hand deals with the advanced topics which come into play for professional WLANs. A large part of the course consists of practical exercises and configurations on the test network.

Course Contents

  • Advanced Security: 802.1X, RADIUS, EAP
  • Authentication with Certificates
  • Quality of Service
  • 802.11e and 802.11 vs. Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM)
  • VoIP over WLAN
  • Multicast and 802.11
  • Fast Roaming and 802.11r
  • Radio Resource Management with 802.11k and 11v
  • Management of WLANs
  • Centralized Structures with WLAN Switches (CAPWAP)
  • Wireless Mesh Networks According to 802.11s
  • Design of Enterprise Solutions
  • WLAN Design with VLANs
  • Location Tracking with 802.11
  • HotSpot 2.0 with 802.11aq (Mobile Offload)

 Each participant will receive the comprehensive course documentation of the ExperTeach Networking series in German language. Optionally, we provide the printed version or an ExperTeach e-book.

 Detailed table of contents

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Knowledge Prerequisites

Successful attendance at the course requires a profound knowledge about Wireless LAN, as imparted in the Wireless LAN I - Architecture and Design course.