Data Center, Cloud, Nexus & UCS

CCNA Data Center
DCICN – Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking
DCICT – Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies
CCNP Data Center
DCUCI – Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing
DCII – Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure
DCVAI – Implementing Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation
DCID – Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure
DCIT – Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure
CCIE Data Center
CCIE Data Center Theory – The Written Exam
CCNA Cloud
CLDFND – Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals
CLDADM – Introducing Cisco Cloud Administration
CCNP Cloud
CLDINF – Implementing and Troubleshooting the Cisco Cloud Infrastructure
CLDDES – Designing the Cisco Cloud
CLDAUT – Automating the Cisco Enterprise Cloud
CLDACI – Building the Cisco Cloud with Application Centric Infrastructure
Cisco Nexus
Cisco Nexus Switching – Advanced Features und Data Center Interconnect
CLDCTR – Delivering Hybrid IT with Cloud Center
DCNX5K – Configuring Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches
DCNX7K – Configuring Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches
DCNX1K – Implementing the Cisco Nexus 1000V
DCAC9K – Configuring Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches in ACI Mode
DCINX9K – Introducing Cisco Nexus 9000 Switches in NX-OS Mode
Cisco Unified Computing
UCSDF – Cisco UCS Director Foundation
DCUCS – Configuring Data Center Unified Computing
UCSDACI – Designing and Deploying Cisco UCS Director with ACI
DCUCCEN – Managing UCS Domains at Scale with Cisco UCS Central
Cisco Unified E-Mail and Web
UEIME – Cisco Unified E-Mail and Web Interaction Manager Enterprise
Cisco Storage (MDS)
DCMDS – Configuring Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches v2.0
DCMDSO – Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches Overview
Cisco Application Services
CWAAS – Cisco Wide-Area Application Service
DCASI – Implementing Cisco Data Center Application Services
VWAAS – Cisco Virtual Wide-Area Application Services
Cisco VersaStack
VSDESIGN – Designing the VersaStack Solution
VSIMP – Implementing the VersaStack Solution
Cisco Channel Partner
DCITUC – Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Infrastructure
DCIDUC – Designing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Infrastructure