Advanced Technologies

Cisco Learning Services

Data Center
HFLEX200 – Cisco HyperFlex Operations and Management
CACND – Configuring ACI in the Cisco Nexus Data Center
C9KNX – Configuring the Cisco Nexus 9000 in NX-OS Mode
Optical Networking
OPT200 – Cisco Optical Technology Intermediate
OPT300 – Cisco Optical Technology Advanced
OPT201 – Cisco NCS 2000 Deploying 96-Channel Flex Spectrum
Network Management
MENPI – Managing Enterprise Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure
PCA – Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance
CPCI-AO – Cisco Prime Central Intermediate - Administration and Operations
CPNI-AO – Cisco Prime Network Intermediate - Administration and Operations
CPP – Cisco Prime Provisioning
CPPERF – Cisco Prime Performance Manager
CPOOM – Cisco Prime Optical Operation and Maintenance
PCP – Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning
Service Provider Routing
MOBBKHL300 – Deploying Cisco Service Provider Mobile Backhaul Solutions
IOSXR304 – Cisco IOS XR Broadband Network Gateway Implementation and Verification
ASR9KE – Cisco Aggregation Services Router 9000 Series Essentials
A903E – Cisco ASR 903 Essentials
IOSXR100 – Introduction to Cisco IOS XR
IOSXR200 – Cisco IOS XR System Administration
IOSXR301 – Cisco IOS XR Layer 3 VPN Implementation and Verification
IOSXR302 – Cisco IOS XR Multicast Routing Implementation and Verification
IOSXR201 – Cisco IOS XR Basic Troubleshooting
SEGRTE – Implementing Segment Routing on cisco IOS XR
SSFAMP – Protecting Against Malware Threats with cisco AMP for Endpoints
SSFRULES – Securing Cisco Networks with Snort Rule Writing Best Practices
SECUR202 – Integrated Threat Defense Investigation and Mitigation
SSFSNORT – Securing Cisco Networks with Open Source Snort
SSFIPS – Securing Cisco Networks with Cisco Firepower Next-Generation IPS
DSACI – Deploying Security in Cisco ACI
FIREPOWER200 – Securing Networks with Cisco Firepower Threat Defense NGFW
SECUR201 – Implementing an Integrated Threat Defense Solution
Service Provider Mobility
SPLTE – Implementing Cisco LTE Packet Core Networks
Service Provider Video
DCMF – Cisco Digital Content Manager Foundation
ECF – Cisco Explorer Controller Foundation
ECI – Cisco Explorer Controller Intermediate
DCMI – Cisco Digital Content Manager Intermediate
DTACSF – Cisco Digital Transport Adapter (DTA) Control System Foundation
ECS203 – Explorer Controller Suite Foundation
ROSANMSF – Cisco ROSA NMS Foundation
COLLAB350 – Cisco Meeting Server Advanced
IPFMSN – Operating Cisco IP Fabric for Media Solution
COLLAB250 – Cisco Meeting Server Intermediate
HSCF – Cisco Hosted Collaboration Service Foundation
CCIPFM – IP Foundation for Broadcast Engineers
HCSI-COB – Cisco HCS Intermediate Customer On-boarding
Enterprise Networking
ESC300 – Cisco Elastic Services Controller
NCS4000HW – Network Convergence System 4000 Series Integrated Services Router
Software Defined Networking
NSO300 – Cisco Network Services Orchestrator Advanced Design
NSO201 – NSO Essentials for Programmers and Network Architects
NSO200 – Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) Operations
ENSDA – Deploying Software-Defined Access