Juniper E-Books

Juniper offers course documentation in electronic form.

Please bring you laptop or tablet to be able to access the e-book! This will allow you to conveniently access the course documentation during and after the course.


You can request your electronic course documentation very easily by means of the following steps:

You will receive an e-mail from admin@onfulfillment.com. This e-mail contains a link and instructions how you can access the course materials.


Please note the following information:

  • You require access to the e-mail account which you have specified in the context of the course registration.
  • If you receive course documentation in the form of an e-book for the first time from Juniper, you have to go through a brief authentication process.
  • Any course documentation is permanently marked with your e-mail address as a water mark.
  • The online view of your course documentation does not have an expiration date. You can view the e-book any time via your browser.
  • Moreover, you should make sure that JavaScript is enabled for your browser (default setting). In addition, the up-to-date Flash version is required (download here).




Printing the documentation

You can also print up to 50% of your electronic course documentation. This function will be available to you for the duration of 7 days, from the first access to your documents onwards.

We recommend to print the Lab Guide prior to the course, since this part of the documentation will efficiently support you in the hands-on exercises.

If you require a print-out of all materials, you can order the complete training kit. The precise ordering process is explained in the e-mail by admin@onfulfillment.com. The printing costs additionally amount to approximately US$ 50 plus shipment costs