ExperTeach documentation package

Print, e-book & PDF

For our ExperTeach Networking courses and the product courses from the company ExperTeach, you will receive the detailed course documents as a 3-fold package – print, e-book and personalized PDF!

The print document is the usual printed course folder, in which you can easily make handwritten notes.

The e-book can be used online via a browser or in a reader app on a smartphone, tablet or PC. Digitally inserted markers and comments are automatically synchronized between all devices. You can find more details here.

The personalized PDF can be carried on your computer or mobile device like any other PDF file and printed in color.

Please bring your laptop or tablet to be able to access the e-book or PDF! So you have the course documents conveniently available in the course and afterwards.

You will receive detailed instructions by e-mail prior to the start of the course.

ExperTeach PEP