Proxmox Training

Proxmox Training

Proxmox Training

Proxmox Virtual Environment is a complete open source virtualization platform for servers. It combines KVM and container virtualization and enables the clear management of virtual machines, containers, storage, virtual networks and high-availability clusters via a central management interface.

As a versatile and powerful solution for virtualization and containerization, Proxmox VE can be used for both small businesses and large data centers.

Proxmox training from ExperTeach

The Proxmox training courses provide you with the know-how you need to confidently plan, implement and administer your virtualized infrastructure with highly available server clusters.

We offer Proxmox training in the form of a workshop. This Proxmox workshop provides practical examples of the implementation and operation of Proxmox. Our trainers have many years of practical experience and support you in expanding your know-how.

The open Proxmox courses take place at our own locations. As an alternative to a classroom course, you can also take part in Proxmox online training. Please simply call up the desired course - you will then find the online dates in the respective schedule overview!

Proxmox Training - Proxmox VE Cluster